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We believe in educating and empowering the youth of Pakistan by providing world-class tools and solutions for them to compete with the developed world. 

The Webict Group, formally recognized as Webict, was established in 2021 with the aim to empower and educate the youth of Pakistan for one major reason; they can be financially independent and compete in the developed world. We pride ourselves in being Pakistan’s first youth-initiated startup built on the blockchain – the fintech world is now.
Our aim is to introduce technologies such as e-learning, metaverse, and tokenization into the financial and educational sector so that our youth can think ahead and beyond.

Why Blockchain

Our market research via Google Trends – which ranks user interests on a scale of 1% to 100% for interested rates of users – has ranked the word ‘Blockchain’ at 95% on average over the past 12 months. This depicts the eagerness that Pakistanis exert on further educating and improving their financial independence and hence, our purpose is established. What we strive to provide for our youth is world class education and opportunities on literacy-related topics.

How we use blockchain

A Blockchain defines a system of recording information that makes it difficult or impossible to change, hack, or cheat it. Essentially, it is a digital ledger of transactions that is duplicated and distributed across the entire network of computer systems on the blockchain. Webict uses proprietary blockchain technology powered by (-) to maintain user identities, permissions, and data. It also paves the road to introduce a Tokenized Loyalty Rewards Program for your businesses.

Our Ventures

An organization dedicated to spreading literacy of all forms to the masses in Pakistan – we have a track record of providing you with an opportunity to learn about web development, stock investments, and so much more through our courses. Join the Stakehold Family to find out.

An organization developing greater financial literacy within our youth through training on the Stock Market (PSX), and exploring other financial avenues.

Living in a business-oriented society, students are increasingly taking part in starting up, so we built StartIt. The ideal platform to build your own startup from, StartIt brings the opportunity for students and other vendors to build their firms, enlist in a marketplace, and learn the tricks-of-trade in Pakistan.


Webict’s roadmap is pinned out to effectively launch each of our products step-by-step. Our ideals involve facilitating a smooth transition to financial technology for Pakistan, involving a shift to our Tokenization-rewards program, Webict Pay, and so much more. Stick with us to find out!

Nov 2021
Webict was founded
Feb 2022
Webict was launched
Q2-3 2022
Launch of our Ventures
Q4 2022
Begin Development of our Rewards Program.
Q2 2023
Launch of our Rewards Program.
Q4 2023
Launch Webict Pay.
That's It
More coming soon.

Our Team

Ahsan Adnan


Asaad Sohail


Hadi Dadabhoy


Ayesha Imran

Director Finance

Sundus Mugheri

Marketing Lead

Syed Ashar Jawed

Growth Associate

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